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Making your teams work together

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Working from home or Office, coordination was never easy till you collaborate. KOLABRAT to work together.


Engaging your customer or work buddy with correct files and information. Easy when you use KOLABRAT.


You and your work buddy can work in collaborative flow. Get to know what to do and assign to others in easy steps.


If you have decided to work from home or work from anywhere, bring your office teams together with KOLABRAT.

Digital Workplace

From instant messaging to virtual meeting, enterprise social media tool to automated workflow all in one place.

Schedule Tasks

Easily setup the tasks that are repeated at regular interval of time to avoid leaving any priority task untouched.

Customized Notifications

Team members can have their own customized notifications setup so they do not miss anything important.


All projects can be created privately to create a safe space for sensitive work.

Perfect for connecting
your teams together

KOLABRAT as the name suggests brings collaboration between your teams. Its easy to start and completely dedicated to your organisation. You can signup with your business email and find your work buddies if they are on KOLABRAT.


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