It is undoubtedly for a company to grow with a small team. With the rise of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore where people are starting their companies and in search of staff members that will help their company function in their day-to-day processes. Hiring can pose a challenge and every new hire to the team can result in a large impact, individuals have to be committed and passionate about their job, not to mention, hardworking as well. The following are some steps that a company can take to help them grow easily despite having a small team

  1. Search for the best fit for the job

Although it may be hard for a new or small company to find new hires with its lack of credentials and brand loyalty as compared to companies like Google or Microsoft, it is crucial for a company to find the perfect and best set of candidates for the company. This means hiring people that are skilled and needed for the position. This allows the company to be able to engage in its daily processes in the most skilful and efficient way possible.

  1. Communication

Communication is a key focus for a company if they would like to increase their productivity and accuracy for their products and services. One way a company can do this is by implementing a workflow management software platform to improve workflow within a company. Although it may seem unnecessary considering the company is a small one and there aren’t many workers that may need it. However, having a unified database system that allows workers to all view at the same time help to create a collaborative environment and therefore enhance communication amongst the workers. It also helps the company save precious resources such as manpower and money as it cuts down on the redundant and unnecessary jobs that the staff may do, helping to run tasks with performance. This also means that there is ample space for the company to grow and motivates its staff to work more efficiently as well.

  1. Create an environment that allows for remote working

This is more so prevalent in the Covid-19 era where many workers even those who are skilled are losing their jobs. Encouraging an environment that allows for in-office or remote working which can be done through workflow management software such as ‘Automate-Lah’ will be more motivating for workers. This also allows the company and their staff to build a layer of trust whereby workers are trusted to work anywhere they like as long as they do their job properly. This creates a more enjoyable environment within the company and helps to boost enjoyability and hence a higher drive to work.

  1. Make sure the entire team is involved

With a small company, every staff member is important and everyone has to be present and involved in order to make each process and task work. When asking for opinions on certain matters, a multitude of employees should be asked as it can give you more and perhaps better opinions from others or even yourself. Perhaps when having a new hire, you can get opinions from existing staff as it is after all a collaborative environment and every staff is going to be highly related to each other and they should have a say in who they would like to work with.

Although it may be hard for a company to grow considering the many limitations in terms of resources such as manpower or money they may face, it is however not impossible and is actually highly achievable as long as they put in the right systems to do so. Major brands such as Google or Facebook all started as small companies but have grown to become major household names now. As long as a company is driven, it can and will eventually be able to grow.

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