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The Operations Manager is the most crucial gear of the organisation engine. If you are in the Sales & Service and Maintenance industry it may be a firefighting day on a daily basis. The Operations Manager is the centre of all activities and sometimes get caught in the crossfire too.

The most common problems that appear are related to

  • Works to do
  • Assigning to the right teams
  • Getting feedback and replies on time
  • Having Eyeballs on your On-Field teams
  • Vetting captured data and results
  • Collecting after sales/service feedback from customer
With KOLABRAT you can have eyeballs in multiple areas and manage it too. KOLABRAT has a predefined yet flexible Workflow for the Sales & Service and Maintenance Operations. It allows you to onboard yourself on this self-triggering system quicker than you would expect.

With KOLABRAT Operations workflow you would be able to

  • Create a job order or import job order from sales
  • Schedule job order
  • Assign job order
  • Allow the technician to capture on-field and service data using mobile devices
  • View and generate service reports immediately
  • View feedback from customer
  • View and update service feedback tickets

This one Sales & Service and Maintenance workflow brings a concise yet complete end to end digital transformation for your service centre or organisation and enable you to

  • Search for older reports
  • Generate reports for customers

or even Customers can log in and view their own reports and status of their job orders.

Save time and let the KOLABRAT manage the day to day responsibilities for you. Effortlessly and WITHOUT making any mistakes.

It is designed to work for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
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